The Man, who brought internet to 60,000 villagers of Nepal, The Mahabir Pun

Mahabir Pun

While Internet is considered a basic requirement in the Western world, it is still a far off dream to the millions of people. Nepalese are many of them. Poverty, and difficult land structure are reasons why Internet reach is low in the mountainous areas of Nepal.

However, one man made it a mission to bring Internet to the rural masses of Nepal and he was successful in providing 60,000 Nepalis living in villages.

Meet Mahabir Pun. Fed up with the fact that he had to hike for two days whenever he wanted to check his email, he decided to connect his home town of Nangi to the Internet. This video explains how he did it.

Produced by Clemens Purner, the video describes how Pun struggled, and succeeded, in the face of criticism and lack of hardware to build a wireless network in rural Nepal. In the process, he’s raised the region’s standards of health, education and prosperity—as well as its ability to send email. It’s a wonderful and inspiring video, that’s well worth a watch. 

Resource: Gizmodo / Techworm

Photograph from Dreams Magazine 

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