Thrilling bungee cords to swing in Kaski.

Kathmandu, Sep 22 –bungee High Ground Adventures Pokhara introduces ‘Bungee’ sports in Pokhara. After seven days of test, bungee jumping facility has become commercialized for general public from Sunday.

Pokhara is renowned for offering various exciting sports like, paragliding, zip flying, ultra-flight, rock climbing and kayaking.

This is the second investment from High Ground Adventures on adventure-sporting sectors. Previously they have announced Zip Flying in Pokhara, becoming the first of its kind to establish in entire Nepal.

Unlike from Bhote Koshi, Pokhara makes it bungee jumping not from under the suspension bridge but from the tower. Nevertheless, environment for natural vegetation is not compromised. As in Bhote Khosi, jumpers can see endless natural phenomena from the cliff before ‘bungeeing’ in Pokhara. Bungee jumpers plunge from a height of 70 meters over an artificial pond. A boat picks them up after completing the jump and helpers unharness them.

“The bungee cord is sturdy and made with modern technology,” said Sharad Golchha, director of the company.

According to High Ground, bungee cord can handle 30-40 persons daily. Price has been fixed at Rs 3,490 for Nepalese and Rs 6,890 for foreigners per jump. The company said it had invested Rs 20 million in the project.




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