Tourist Police Unit camps at Ghorepani

Kathmandu: A Tourist Police Unit has been established at Ghorepani of Ghar VDC in Myagdi district.

The police unit was established for the security of the tourists visiting the Ghorepani area, the main destination of the Annaprssurna trekking route, to address the problems of tourists and to help them.

Deputy Superintendent of Police, Janardan GC, said that trained human resources have been managed at the post for the same.

GC said that the unit will keep records of tourists, will carry out search for the stolen properties belonging to tourists and will provide necessary counseling to them, among others.

The Tourist Police Unit was established for the first time in the district. The unit has seven quotas, a Sub-Inspector and a police head constable have now been assigned at the unit.

GC said that initiative was underway to fulfill the remaining human resources at the Unit, GC added.

Around 30,000 foreign tourists visit the Ghorepani every year.

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