Turkish Airlines and Royal Mountain Travel collaborates to promote Nepal


Kathmandu – In collaboration with Turkish Airlines and Royal Mountain Travel, a team of international bloggers, journalists, and tour operators have arrived Nepal for revival of the Nepalese tourism, and its potentiality.

Such team commenced their journey from Amsterdam, Netherland, reports Turkish Airlines. A team that, consists journalists and bloggers, are from Germany and Netherland, who will be sightseeing, Nepal in order to promote a message – “Nepal is Safe” – after the devastating earthquake from last April, throughout the international media.


To solve the debated queries about travelling Nepal, and to attract tourists, like the previous from European countries, this team will be playing a vital role to convey alike message to the world. Since this team will, personally, travel different parts of Nepal, which will send messages about Nepal is safe, and Nepal is ready to welcome tourists, says Turkish Airlines.


News Source: Annapurna Post 

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