Royal Mountain Travel’s new initiative – ‘Women Behind E-Wheels’

Royal Mountain Travel has introduced electric cars, Hyundai Kona as a mode of new transportation facilities to tour inside the Kathmandu Valley. The company aimed to encourage the city to adopt the electronic vehicle for the improvement of the city’s weather.

It is also aimed to satisfy the demand of travelers who wanted to be a part of responsible tourism. Green Energy is a, certainly, a demand of the future, and the Royal Mountain Travel has always been a great advocate for responsible and sustainable tourism.

In the near future, the company expects to convert all its ‘fossil fuel’ vehicles into Green and sustainable transportation. The company and the entire team have been encouraged and motivated to add other electronic vehicles in the company in a rapid manner.

Royal Mountain Travel has come up with the resolution to put women behind the wheels of these electronic cars. We hope this act will encourage other companies to add electronically operated vehicles, creating better job opportunities for female drivers and cleans the environment of the city.


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