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Cultural Bhaktapur Day Tour

9:30 am: Drive to Bhaktapur. One of the fascinating, and important world heritage sites, Bhaktapur is made up of three large squares filled with shrines, temples, and activities. An essential Newari city, not only Bhaktapur is famous for its famous clay pots, and architectural values, but Bhakatpur is legendary for its colorful festivals, welcoming people, and delicious Newari cuisine. Despite rusting time, Bhaktapur retains a medieval feel till this date. Local people here are predominantly farmers or engaged in the traditional crafts of pottery, metalwork, art and woodwork which have supported the city since its establishment in the 12th century to service the trade route between Tibet and India and remain active industries. A fascinating place to explore!

2:00 pm: Local lunch with local ambiance at selected Restaurant.

3:00 pm: Shopping at the major tourist area of Bhaktapur Durbar Square.

5:30 pm: Drive back to Kathmandu via old Thimi. Experience the old Thimi on the way back.

6:30 pm: Drop at the hotel


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