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Dolpo Circuit Trek – 14 days

Circuiting Dolpa one of the unforgettable moments one can have ever in their life. One of the remote highlands of Nepal, dolpa, is made-up of variety of landscapes, green pastures, barran rocks. On the other hand, local Buddhist religion and Bonpo culture resembles a part of ancient Tibet. The Phoksundo Lake, one of the biggest in Nepal and the deepest, is a wonder of nature encompassed by steep rock and beautiful terrain. This special trekking route is one of the strenuous trekking routes in Nepal concluding some steep climbs through passes; Numa La pass, baga La pass etc. Although it’s hard to cross through, the scenery, views accessibility etc. make it worth.

Some people have the idea that trekking is all sweat and hard work with no fun. This is far from the truth. Days are designed to be challenging, but not exhausting. When you choose the Dolpo Circuit Trek, days begin with breakfast at the tea house you stay.  You will need to pack up your duffle bags before breakfast, as porters will set off early. To cover the magnificent sun rays that strike on the mountains, you will be on the trail by around 8 am. A lunch stop for a leisurely lunch will be around noon. Lunch usually takes about 2 hours, allowing plenty of time to explore the village or relax. The afternoon walk is shorter and you usually arrive around 4pm leaving time for excursions to nearby sites, nunneries, exploration of the village or simply relaxing with a book and catching up on your diary. Dinner is generally around 7pm.


  • Trail through the desolate landscapes, green pastures and barren rocks
  • Tibetan Buddhist culture and religion, Bonpo culture
  • Experience of life in the Remote highlands
  • The Highest waterfall of Nepal, the Suligad waterfall
  • The scenic flight of Jungle and Himalayan Range, flight from Nepalgunj to Jumla and back
  • The Holy Phoksundo Lake, the deepest in the Himalaya

Trip Details

Trek Grade: 4
Trek Code: DOL-CIR-14
Duration: 14 days
Trek Style: Fully supported camping trek
Best time to go: April – June / September-October


Day 01 Fly Kathmandu to Nepalgunj (152m, 55min)
Day 02 Fly Nepalgunj to Juphal (2475m, 45 min), Trek to Dunai (2140m, 2 ½ hours)
Day 03 Trek to Lingdo (2391m, 5 hours)
Day 04 Trek to Laina Odar (3370m, 6 hours)
Day 05 Trek to Nawarpani (3475m, 4 hours)
Day 06 Trek to Sisaul (3750m, 3 ½ hours)
Day 07 Trek to Dho Tarap (4080m, 4 hours)
Day 08 Trek to Numala base Camp (4440m, 3 ½ hours)
Day 09 Trek to Danigar (4631m, 6 hours)
Day 10 Trek to Yak Kharka (3982m, 6 hours)
Day 11 Trek to Phoksundo Lake (3650m, 2 ½ hours)
Day 12 Trek to Chhepka (2838m, 7 hours)
Day 13 Trek to Juphal (2475m, 6 hours)
Day 14 Fly Juphal – Nepalgunj – Kathmandu

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