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Lhasa to Kathmandu cycle Tour – 24 Days

One of the most strenuous bike trips in the world with six 5000 meter plus passes.
Spectacular scenery, challenging riding and encounters with one of the world’s most fascinating cultures make this a truly incredible experience.


  • The Vibrant, Colorful, chaotic city of Kathmandu
  • Lhasa, considered to be the roof of the world
  • Cycling through almost deserted land in some places
  • A series of monasteries all the way to Kathmandu
  • Trail through some of high passes
  • Cycling through country trail to Kathmandu

Trip Details

  • Trek Grade: Easy to Moderate
  • Trek Code: RMT-LXA-KTM-CYC-24
  • Duration: 24 days
  • Trek Style: Combination of Guest house and fully supported Camping
  • Best time to go: May – October


Day 01:  Arrive Kathmandu or Chengdu
Day 02: Kathmandu or Chengdu
Day 03: Fly Gongkar ( Lhasa) (3600m, 1 hr) Drive Lhasa (3650m, 1 ½ hrs)
Day 04: Lhasa
Day 05: Lhasa
Day 06: Lhasa
Day 07: Ganba (5-6 hrs)
Day 08: Khamba-La (4750m), Nangartse (4420m, 6-7 hrs)
Day 09: Karo-La (5045m) ,Camp (6-7 hrs)
Day 10: Simi-La (4330m), Gyantse (3950m, 4-5 hrs)
Day 11: Shigatse (3900m, 6 hrs)
Day 12: Shigatse (3900m)
Day 13: Below Tso-La (6-7 hrs)
Day 14: Gyatso La (5220m), Xegar (4050m, 6-7 hrs)
Day 15: Pang-La (5200m), Tashidzom (4090m, 6-7 hrs)
Day 16: Rhongphu (5000m), Everest Base Camp (5200m, 7-8 hrs)
Day 17: Rest day
Day 18: Lao Tingri (4390m, 5 hrs)
Day 19: Below Lalung-La (5-6 hrs)
Day 20: Lalung-La (5124m) ,Tong-La (5120m), Nyalum (3750m, 7-8 hrs)
Day 21: Zhangmu (2300m, 3-4 hrs)
Day 22: Kathmandu (1300m, 3-4 hrs)
Day 23: Kathmandu
Day 24: Departure

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