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Mustang Trek

The long forbidden Kingdom of Mustang has always exuded an air of romance.Behold Mustang Trek !

Mustang is the arid region at the end of the Kali Gandaki, beyond the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges.
Lower Mustang Trek is inhabited by people related to the Manangis whilst in northern Mustang (the ancient Kingdom of Lo), language and traditions are almost purely Tibetan.
With a rich and complex history with written records dating back to the 8 th century Lo, like Dolpo, was once a part of the western Tibetan region of Ngari and maintained its status as a separate principality until 1951.
It is a land of barley fields and pasture and vast expanses of gray and yellow rolling hills eroded by the wind that howl across the area most afternoons. Sun baked bricks of pale mud are used for almost all construction, including the walls and palace of Lo Manthang.

There is a Upper Mustang Trek too, which includes visiting Muktinath temple. Johmsom and Kaagbeni are the places we visit on our way up .


  • The walled city of Lo Manthang
  • Tibetan gompas and cultural traditions
  • Villages, ruined castles and sky burial sites
  • Stunning landscapes
  • Mesmerizing view of Nilgiri Peak
  • Muktinath – sacred to Buddhists and Hindus, frequented by sadhus and aesthetics
  • Peaceful Pokhara Lakeside

Trip Details

Trek Grade: 3
Trek Code: RMT-MUS-13
Duration: 13 days
Trek Style: Tea house / Camping trek
Best time to go: Apr- June / October – November


Day 01 Fly Pokhara to Jomsom (2720m, 25 min), Trek to Kagbeni (2900m, 3½ hrs)
Day 02 Trek to Chele (3200m, 6 hrs)
Day 03 Trek to Ghiling (3510m, 6 hrs)
Day 04 Trek to Charang (3650m,  5½hrs)
Day 05 Trek to Lo Manthang (3730m, 5 hrs)
Day 06 Lo Manthang
Day 07 Lo Manthang
Day 08 Treks to Marang La ( 4353m), Trek to Ghimi (3690m, 7 hrs)
Day 09 Trek to Samar            (3700m, 6 hrs)
Day 10 Trek to Kagbeni (2900m, 5 hrs)
Day 11 Trek to Muktinath (3750m, 3½ hrs)
Day 12 Trek to Jomson (2720m, 5 hrs)
Day 13 Fly to Pokhara (915m, 25 min)

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