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Tibet Discovery Trip – 21 days

Traverse the world’s highest mountain range.
One of the finest ways to approach Tibet is the traditional way, by road. The road twists and turns as it climbs the narrow gorge cut by the Bhoti Kosi River; waterfalls and steaming jungle give way to the harsh, barren beauty of the Tibetan Plateau.
Traveling slowly, as we acclimatize to the thinner air, towards the holy city of Lhasa – a city of marvels – history and art, commerce and religion meld into an unforgettable experience.
The exquisite turquoise lake, snow-capped peaks, glaciers, fields of rape and barley, colorful temples and imposing forts.


  • Vibrant, colorful, chaotic city of Kathmandu
  • Scenic country drive to Nepal-Tibet border
  • Jeep drives at high altitudes, almost deserted trail
  • Lhasa – the Roof of the World, at an altitude of 3,650m
  • Several monasteries, Tibetan Buddhism, religion of Tibet
  • Potala Palace, once the palace of Dalai Lama

Trip Details

Trek Grade: Moderate
Trek Code: RMT-TIB-DIS-21
Duration: 21 days
Trek Style: Guest house trip
Best time to go: April – November


Day 01: Arrive Kathmandu or Chengdu
Day 02: Kathmandu or Chengdu
Day 03: Fly to Gongkar (1 hour), Drive to Lhasa (3650m, 1 ½ hours)
Day 04: Lhasa
Day 05: Lhasa
Day 06: Lhasa
Day 07: Drive to Nam-Tso Lake
Day 08: Nam-Tso lake
Day 09: Drive back to Lhasa (3650m)
Day 10: Exploration Yambu La Khang / Samye (3600m)
Day 11: Samye
Day 12: Drive to Gyantse (3950m, 8 hours)
Day 13: Gyantse
Day 14: Drive to Shigatse (3900m, 2 hours)
Day 15: Exploration Shakya Monastery (4000m, 4 hours)
Day 16: Drive to Rongbuk (5000m, 5 hours)
Day 17: Drive to Lao Tingri (4390m, 4 hours)
Day 18: Drive to Zhangmu (2300m, 5 hours)
Day 19: Drive to Kathmandu (1350m, 5 hours)
Day 20: Kathmandu
Day 21: Departure

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