Religion is an integral, deep-rooted part of Nepali life. Temples, images and sacred paintings are seen everywhere. The majority of Nepali people are Hindus, but Buddhism also has a very important place in this country. Hinduism and Buddhism are closely connected in Nepal and it would take a lifetime’s study to understand the complexities of the country’s religious life.

Here are some points to keep in mind when touring Nepal’s religious sites:

  • Take shoes off as a mark of respect (sandals that are easy to take off are most practical).
  • Some temples prohibit entry for non-Hindus.
  • Leather articles are often prohibited.
  • It is better not to touch offerings or persons when they are on the way to shrines.
  • Beef is strictly prohibited among both Hindus and Buddhists.
  • Walking around temples or stupas is traditionally done clockwise.
  • Generally temples, stupas and monuments may be photographed, but it is better to ask authorised persons for permission before using a camera.
  • Avoid wearing shorts and sleeveless clothes while visiting religious sites in Nepal, as it can be considered disrespectful and offensive.