In november we did the Anna Purna circuit trekking. Indra Man Tamang was our guide.

He is a very nice man who helpt us to walk the trekking without any trouble.

He is a very good leader. He was always in a good mood, we had much pleasure with him!

We hope that many people Indra as their guide can have!


With kind regards,


Lian Frencken

My wife and I are very delighted about the organization of all components we booked.

Especially to mention is our guide Sandeep Basnet as well as our porter Robin. Both were able to lead us safely through the trek with a lot of information about Nepal life, the mountains and the culture. Especially Sandeep ensured that this trip will stay in our memories. Sandeep was very experienced and had a lot of knowledge.


Sandeep as well was very interested that our stays in the lodges were as comfortable as possible. With his very good organization abilities, he was able to organize mostly double rooms for my wife and me which were really appreciated.


I would be happy if you could transfer my message and a lot of greetings to Sandeep and Robin to ensure that their great work is really appreciated.


Kind regards,

Frank and Tina Berends

 Namaste Dear Team

I’m writing to you after my contribution to TripAdvisor. I need to clarify more about how fantastic your professionals were, offering a truly amazing experience in Nepal. In my evaluation on TripAdvisor I didn’t mention the contribution, availability and professionalism of the guide Ashim, which organised the 3 days “tours” near Katmandu. As I’ve writen, the driver Dil Kumar and the guide Shruti were amazing in this 3 days.

I didn’t mentioned the name of the driver of the trip from the Tibete/Nepal border  to Katmandu, and I want to highlight his professional and safe driving as well as his  friendliness. The driver Arjun with the guide Suman Khatri  gave us a beautiful two-day journey. 

Despite this being the third time I’ve been to Nepal, after this experience, I am seriously considering returning to your wonderful country through your tour operator.

Dhērai dhērai dhan’yavāda (I hope the google translator is doing the job well!) Isabel


Dear Janak,

We are very sorry for our late writing. But last year, in October we were impressed from your working. Philipp and I promised to write an assessment:



Last year, in October we started for four days in Pokhara to our first big adventure into the mountains. Janak, our guide told us everything before the trekking. He gave us important information about things we have to take with us, clothes we need, how much money we need every day and the hole schedule. This meeting was a day before out start.

During the trek Janak told us all things about people, nature and Nepal. He was a very friendly guy and helped us in every situation.

Furthermore he told us the distance to the next opportunity to buy water. So everyone could decide by himself if he had to buy water or not. This was very helpful.

Every evening Janak told us our destinations for the next day. He gave tips for our luggage. One example: take your swim suite with you. At this point we can say it was no problem to get to the stuff we gave Milan, our Sherpa. During the trekking he was near to us the whole time.

Every meal Janak stand with us. This was a big pleasure for us. He also managed all things with dinner. He took our order, bought our food and was a very very friendly assistant. Together we had much fun, interesting conversations and wonderful evenings. We learned a lot about the country and the people. 

In addition, Janak had the chance to talk with every people because our group exist of three.

Whenever we had questions he welcomed us with pleasure. Furthermore, Janak is a very honest and nice guy. During the trekking he was obliging and open minded to us. He organized all things for us: our trekking permissions, our food, a warm shower and WIFI ;). He took photos and talk about himself and his family so we could get an impression of life in Nepal. It was a heartily atmosphere.

Thanks Janak we had a good time in the mountains without any problems. Every time we felt in good hands by Janak.

With him we experienced out first big adventure. And we will never forget!

Thank you very much! Maybe in some years we come back – to you! J



Also we hope, you can use this and it’s helpful for you…. Nine months later….. We apologize!

In the news we heard about the monsoon rain in Nepal and we hope you and your family go well!

Philipp and Lisa from Germany

I recently visited Nepal (28/5/19 until 11/6/19) and I\’d like to give Feedback: My 3-days-trek through the Kathmandu-Valley with Buddha (and Dipendra) was an incredible experience. I had the great pleasure to have Buddha as an extraordinary pleasant guide. He showed me numerous interesting places and some amazing views – in the valley and to the Himalayas. I like his funny and kindly ways of telling stories and chatting along while helping through the more difficult part. Traveling alone as a female I always felt safe and taken care of. I experienced many great moments and Buddha gave me the chance, to get along individually. And I have learned a lot about Nepali Nature and Culture. Now back in Germany I am still happy to have been guided by Buddha, great guy he is in short: amazing experience!!


Susanne Weisheit



We want to give you a special feedback for our extraordinary journey in Nepal organized with Royal Mountain Travel from the 2nd of june to the 8th of june 2019 (5 days tour Annapurna Trekking).

We want to give our special thanks to our guide Santhos and our porter Rushan. Both of them did a very great job, were very responsible, found solutions for any problems, were very helpful and had a great understanding in every situation! Prospectively we will come to Nepal again and then we would like to do our next tour with Santhos and Rushan again and of course we recommend them to others at any time!

Nameste !


Recently we’ve gotten home from an amazing holiday and we felt we had to thank you for an amazing trekking in the Annapurna region.

Your guide Santos was really supportive and helped us in making the trekking, which ended up to be quite the challenge for us. His advise and the information he gave us about Nepal was really helpfull. Even our porter Roshan surprised us with his English and knowledge of the area. 


Please thank Santos for us, for the amazing experience!


Kind Regards,


Sanne and Rick

Hello, I just wanted to give a feedback to our 5-day-trekking in Annapurna. Our guide was Aashish Lama and he made our trekking for me and my mum to an unforgettable tour. Not only that he cared about us before, during and after the tour like family-members. With his huge knowledge and his friendly ability to get in contact with his `clients`, other tourists and the locals – no matter which age, impressed us a lot. Thanks to him we could learn so much about the region, but also about the culture, tradition and the people living in the mountains. He tried to help us in each situation and made us feel always comfortable and familiar.

Thank you so much, Royal Mountain and Aashish for this perfect tour.

Carolin and Helga

We were trekking the Community/Sanktuary Trek from the 25th of March to the 2nd of April and the Helambu Trek from the 7th of April to the 14th of April. It was simply great und we came home with memories and imaginations that we will never ever forget.

We are not experienced hikers and on the fifth day of our first trek Jürgen had an accident on slippery , iced ground and twisted his ankle seriously. So the conditions were a little difficult and without the help and support of our dear guide Buddha und our brave porter Kamal we will not have made it, at least not with that much fun!

So we  would really like to thank Buddha and Kamal once again and in this way. They both are great people and good company, blessed with a good sence of humor ( which we really needed), 

very supportiv, we felt save and secure with them……they are very professional!!!……..and most of all, they helped to make a dream come true. God bless them!

So, on a rainy Sunday morning in Germany, we are sending our kindest regards to all of you, and to  the country and people of Nepal!


Helene Welter and Jürgen Foltz



Today we had our last day of the 5 days Poonhill trek. We were with 6 persons and Tilak Kafle was our guide. He and Supendra Tamang were guiding us on the tour. We had a great time and a huge part was because of Tilak. Tilak had a strong sense of responsibility and informed us well about the tour. The communication was good, Tilak informed us about everything and his English is good. He is very caring and we knew we didn’t had to worry about anything because Tilak had everything under control. We felt safe, the accomodations were good and we were very lucky with the weather. All considered  it was a special experience for us. Dhannebath! 

Kind regards, 

Erna Levelink

My first part of my trek in the Annapurna Mountains was the community drawn by the local inhabitants, a very pleasant trek without the many tourists I encountered in my second part “Phoon Hill” of my 11 day trek. But also That’s what had his charm again. Through these combined moves and thanks to my guide, Ridesh Taming and his carrier, I have been able to experience amazing beautiful 11 ??hiking days in the mountains.

Magreth Hartmann

Incredible experience with this company. We did not make a single mistake for the organization of the trekking. We did the Annapurna Base Camp trek in 9 days and we can say that everything went perfect. From the facilities for booking and planning based on our preferences (everything online before the trip), to the day to day with the guide and the porter.
Many thanks to Aashish and Pratap, they made everything easier for us, always ready to help, looking only for our comfort. The result is an unforgettable trip. They adapted to the circumstances on the fly and took care of every detail in the walks, in the meals, and in the lodgings. They were attentive, fun, and well-qualified professionals at all times. We were delighted with them and they are two more friends.

David Pinilla

Excellent very close to Thamel travel agency. Whether for trekking, cultural visits, original accommodation or unusual activities, Royal Mountain Travel enchanted me in each of my trips. I highly recommend !

Adrien Cellerier