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Dear Sir or Madam,

Our trip has been unforgettable and full of new experiences for us. The mix of experience was very rich and the bandwidth of what was expecting us in Nepal was so wide. From experiencing life in the incredible city of Kathmandu to trekking through the Annapurna region – fantastic!

The fact that we could enjoy our trip so ultimately was mainly due to a very good overall organization. We were very satisfied with the overall planning and implementation.
Our guide (sorry, we did not note his name) during the two days in Kathmandu told us a lot about the city, the country and the people and answered our numerous questions extensively. He managed it to bring us into the right mood for your country as we ended up here for us in a completely different world.
Staying in the Sapana lodge was gorgeous. The staff was extremely friendly. The organization of our trips (elephant riding, Canoeing and Jungle Walk) has functioned perfectly.
Our trekking was exhausting but exciting in a breathtakingly, beautiful nature. The fact that we were able to enjoy it that much and were also able to overcome the effort so well depended in an essential way on the great guiding team of Rajesh Shrestha and Diamond (we forgot his nepali name). All the time we felt well supplied and safely. For the care for our well-being as well as the interesting discussions and good mood during the whole trip we would particulary like to say thank you!
Last but not least we were brought from place to place very safely from Madhav Khadka on your crazy streets. And for us it was a nice feeling to be received again by the same person – not least as we ended up with some delay from Pokhara to Kathmandu and did not know how it goes, we were very happy to spot a familiar face in the crowd.
Now we are a few days back in Germany, have many photos shown to our family and friends and told about our holiday for hours. In the end we always came to the conclusion that with the entire organization, from the initial interview with Prakash Dhakal about the Guides in Kathmandu and during the trekking to our driver, we were completely happy.
Each time we would book another trip to Nepal through Royal Mountain Travel.

- Ms Rupp & Hofmann
May 20, 2014

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