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Sustainability Our Approach is simple. We seek to offer visitors something different: genuine experiences designed sustainably with an eye for a positive impact

We are guided by our three core values

Community Empowerment

Investing in the local community is one of our core values. We hope to set the standard in our country and within the travel industry to benefit the most important and often underserved stakeholders: locals.

We invest in and create programs that promote women’s empowerment. This starts from our office as women make up 50% of our workforce.

We create economic opportunities to support indigenous groups in rural areas.

We work to develop new tourist destinations so that new communities can benefit from tourist activities.

Our commitment towards empowering communities led to the establishment of the Community Homestay Network. The Community Homestay Network began as a part of our CSR initiative. Today, after receiving a Booster grant to kick-start the platform, it has grown into an independent social enterprise that helps to empower women all over Nepal. The platform creates opportunities for rural communities to connect with travelers thereby allowing them to experience the benefits of tourism. The company also sets up skills training classes, provides loans, medical care and education support to foster stronger communities.

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Environmental Stewardship

Sustainability is not a trend or a buzzword for us. It is how we do business.

Sustainable tourism in Nepal

Our offices are powered by climate friendly solar panels

Sustainable tourism in Nepal

We have a no single-use plastic policy in our offices. We have extended this practice to the field by providing guides and porters with reusable metal water bottles.

Tour operator in nepal

Our fleet of vehicles are on track to be replaced by electric vehicles

Tour operator in nepal

We are working to understand our carbon emissions so we can become carbon neutral

Giving back

Our communities are what make us. When they benefit, we benefit and when we benefit, they should benefit too.

We support Kiran Namaste, an NGO that works to support single mothers in Nepal, by creating a market for the products made by the members.

We sponsor the Garimudi School in Nuwakot and Shree Jagadamba Higher Secondary School in Madhela, Bardiya.

We support Rural Assistance Nepal. RAN sets up schools and hospitals in remote regions of Nepal.

We are one of the four local partners of the Climate Trek Nepal which is a climate-friendly trekking route in the Helambu Region. The goal of “Climate Trek Nepal” is to help Helambu region recover from the 2015 earthquake while promoting sustainable tourism. We provide consulting and marketing support to Climate Trek Nepal. Read more on Climate Trek

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alternative and emerging tourist destinations developed
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Traditional Comfort

Our partner hotel Traditional Comfort, is one of the few hotels in Nepal to be accredited with Gold Certification from Travelife for accommodation sustainability. Since its establishment in 2016, Traditional Comfort has taken many initiatives to become sustainable. These efforts include powering all the LED lights in the hotel by solar energy, instituting water saving practices, using recycled paper, pens and pencils for guests, providing purified clean water in glass jars rather than plastic bottles and giving preference to local goods and services. Every item in the hotel like the wooden carved beams, wooden beds, the bronze fixtures and the ankhi jhyal (traditional windows) are hand-made by local craftspeople from Patan and Bungamati.

Recognition for our work

Travelife Certification

G-adventures Ripple Effect awar

Sustainable tourism in Nepal

Resilience Efforts through Cultural Diversity (International Institute for Peace through Tourism)

Sustainable tourism in Nepal

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