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Losar Tamu Losar Gurung (Tamu), one of the indigenous tribes of Nepal celebrate their biggest festival Tamu Losar on every Poush 15th of the Nepalese Calendar, 30th December in 2014. Tamu means Gurung and Losar is translated as New Year, which means that this date is the first day in the Gurung Calendar. From ancient times, Gurung is recognized as warrior clan and still they are recruited in British, Indian, and Nepalese Army. So, Losar is a festival that magnets family members back home and also an occasion to rejoice with blessings, friendship and excitement.

In early days, Gurungs from all over the state would gather up in the courtyard to celebrate Tamu Losar but in modern times, Gurungs come up with rallies, banners and traditional dances in the roads of Kathmandu and conclude it in Tudikhel where, later, they dance, eat, drink, and enjoy the rest of the day.

Tamu Losar is widely celebrated with Sel Roti (Nepalese Bread) and Alu ko Achar (Potato Spicy Salad). Gurung men and women are seen in their traditional dress and accessories.

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