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Yoga classes & courses. Nepal provides the solitude and environment for meditation which is unparalleled in this part of the world. Nepal has much to offer to those interested in meditation, yoga and ayurveda. There are guided and residential courses for meditation and yoga. Kathmandu, in particular, is where most of these activities happen. We work closely with Pranamaya Yoga Studio who offer Yoga classes & courses in Thamel, Bouddha, Patan and Pokhara.  If a single class or a few classes is not enough why don’t you go in depth.  Yoga courses and  workshops,  retreats or Yoga treks can followed at the Pranamaya Yoga studio or follow yoga courses & classes at the Neydo Monastery in Kathmandu valley!
Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word and it consists of two different words; Ayu and Veda. Ayu means life and Veda means knowledge. Thus it indicates ‘The knowledge of Life’.
It is not only the science of diseases, but it also deals with Life.  Life is known as ‘The union of the mind, body and spirit’. Ayurveda gives us the formulas for living a long life filled with happiness and joy. Ayurveda is not limited to the physical body. It also deals with the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of life. The packages focus primarily on providing you with a glimpse of the Ayurveda knowledge of self care and touch.

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