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Our trek on Poonhill led us through a real enchanted forest where we would not have been surprised if trolls or fairies had crossed our path. Even the steep stairways have very clearly showed me my physical limits, the scenery was so spectaculair but more impressive were the people of Nepal led by our guide Indra Bomjam and our two porters Pena and Dev from Royal Mountain Travel. With their music (from mobile phones) and their singing they made in spite of hail and thunderstorms always the best of moods. We had a lot of fun, playing cards together in the evening with them.  A cultural encounter that would not be possible, if you travel by yourself. I think it´s not necessary to mention, that Indra could answered all our questions. Even the ones that came after our journey. He answered via Facebook.  We were told so beautifully: “Once Nepal is not enough” And the next time we come back definitely go with Indra, Pena and Dev!

- Waltraud Grunow,
May 21, 2014

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