Weather Information

Please note that the weather information given below is for reference only. The weather cannot be completely accurately forecasted.

Langtang Surya Peak Trekking

Nepal has a generally temperate climate, but the differences in altitude make distinct variations. The monsoon sweeps up from India each summer, making mid-June to mid-September humid and wet. The three other distinct seasons are all suitable for trekking, and each has its own advantages. Changing global weather patterns have had their effect on the Himalayan climate, plus mountain weather is notoriously changeable. Always be prepared for a change in conditions and note that if severe or dangerous weather conditions occur, your guide’s decision on any course of action is final.

 Pack appropriately for the weather conditions.

March, April, May: Spring Season

The temperature is warmer in the lowlands and moderates in the higher levels, with beautiful views of mountains. This season offers greenery and clear weather. The days are increasingly warm and the rhododendrons are in bloom in the mountains. Mist and clouds are not uncommon.

June, July, August: Summer/Monsoon Season

The days are mostly hot, although still moderate in the morning and night. However, it can still be cold in the mountains. During the monsoon season, it will rain every day, although generally in the evening and night. The hills turn lush and green, and at higher elevations, the alpine plants will bloom. 

September, October, November: Autumn Season

This is the most pleasant season in which to visit Nepal, with guaranteed mountain views. The whole country celebrates the important Hindu festivals of Dashain and Tihar during these months. The autumn is the most pleasant trekking season, as days are warm but not hot; there is little chance of snow and skies are clear.

December, February: Winter Season

Nepal experiences a significant amount of snowfall at higher elevation (although not in the cities). Winter is good for trekking at lower elevations. The days are still warm with bright sunshine, but the mornings and nights are cold and may fall below 0 degrees Celsius. It can be cold and you will need to be prepared, but the air is very clear and provides the best mountain views.