Bhutan, Mystical Paradise

Butan ToursBhutan’s unique architecture

As your excitement at the eminent arrival in Paro Airport rises, you are scanning through the window looking for some distinguishing landmarks that tell you that you are in a different country. The airport buildings are not an architect’s dream, but fine examples of what you will be seeing a lot more of on your travels. The style is genuinely Bhutanese, with some allowance to modern buildings use. You will soon find that the style is unique to Bhutan. Continue reading

Little House in the Himalaya – The Blue Sky Bungalow – Paro, Bhutan

Nestled in the green hills of Shaba along the Paro Chhu, you will find the Blue Sky Bungalow but if you blink at the wrong time, you could easily miss it. A labour of love more than two years in the making, the Blue Sky Bungalow is an extraordinary gem created with much loving detail and many artistic touches by local resident and artist, Tshering Penjor, who hails from the Paro valley. Continue reading

Nature at its best- Bhutan

This is small kingdom is one of the world’s last remaining Shangri-La’s.  The country has effectively and courageously combated the ill  effects of rampant globalization and today stands at the forefront of nations active in the preservation of nature’s bounties. Yes, Bhutan is bountiful in natural beauty and rich in culture and tradition. It is no doubt, a Shangri-La. Continue reading