Juju Dhau – The King of Yoghurt

Picture courtesy to Shantideva by Flickr

Picture courtesy to Shantideva by Flickr

Juju Dhau is the famous Nepalese made yoghurt found, especially, inside the Kathmandu Valley (Bhaktapur). The word “Dhau” means a sweet yogurt, which is typically prepared by the Newars, an indigenous tribe of Nepal.

Juju Dhau literally means “The King Yogurt” in Newari language. Its sweet custard, tastes like yogurt, comes from Bhaktapur, which carries a prime importance during festivals. Originated from Bhaktapur, during ancient Malla era, Juju Dhau is not only reachable in Bhaktapur but you can find them elsewhere inside the habitation of Newar community, for instance Kathmandu Valley and Patan.

Being a yogurt, a milk product, Juju Dhau is created by bacterial fermentation, which is a metabolic Continue reading

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