Homestay in Panauti

Panauti9663215Homestay in Panauti is like a sanctuary, it feels like you are finally there where you belong.

Friday the 2nd of January
On Friday morning we started our trip to Panauti at 9 ´clock. The Royal Mountain Travel kindly provided this opportunity to experience to stay two nights and three days at Home stay in Panauti city, 36km South-East from Kathmandu. This is one of the programs they have started 15 months ago with local house Continue reading

Bhairav Kunda Trek

Bhairav KundBhairav Kunda, certainly a great trek, which is located northeast of Kathmandu, is one such site. ‘Bhairav’ is the destructive manifestation of Lord Shiva, while ‘Kunda’ means pond. Due to its tantric connotations, Bhairav Kunda is a favored pilgrimage site for the dhami-jhnakris of Nepal, they are referred to as shamans who are said to communicate with spirits of the netherworld, and especially in August every year (during the Janai Purnima festival) they congregate in their hundreds here.

Bhairav Kunda is also one of the newly opened trekking destinations in Nepal, so now you too can go on a 10-day trek to this mysterious ‘kunda’, that’s situated at quite a height, that is, 4,364 meters above sea level. Continue reading

Panch Pokhari Path – A New Nepal Trek

 The Panch Pokhari (Five Ponds) Path is a new trekking area in Nepal. Panch Pokhari (4,100 m) is located northeast of Kathmandu at the base of the Jugal Himal. The period from March to May is the best time for trek to Panch Pokhari. This place has cultural, religious, and ecological importance. An important festival, the Janai Purnima festival, is held here every year in August, when Brahmin castes come here for the ritual changing of the sacred thread (janai) they wear around their bodies. Thus, the five ponds (Panch Pokhari) are regarded as sacred ponds. Situated as they are at the base of the Jugal Himal, the ecology is pretty diverse and of considerable interest. The trek takes you through Sherpa and Tamang villages, so it’s something of a Nepal cultural trek, as well.

PanchPokhariGenerally, it’s a 10-day trek, the starting point being Chautara (1,200 m) to the northeast of, and about a five-hour drive by bus from, Kathmandu. To make it clearer, you’ll be going towards the Tibetan border. The region you’ll be trekking through is rich in scenery, second to none other trekking routes of Nepal. You’ll start experiencing a different kind of lifestyle immediately, that of the Sherpas and Tamangs, thus the Panch Pokhari trek is often said to be a Nepal cultural trek. After a night halt at Chautara, the next morning, you trek to Phusre (2,045 m), where you spend another night, and imbibe more of the local culture. Continue reading

Heaven is a myth, Rara is real

DSC06861Undho Undho jaada hun’, said the young shepherd  who was in his early 20’s, after he shared his Pilot cigarette and had a few chat with us. We didn’t ask his name, but did ask how many sheep he had. He said that those weren’t his sheep and that he doesn’t plan to stay in Mugu for long. He wants to be like a man from his village who drives a bus in Surkhet. Continue reading

Trekking in Tibet—the Tibet Everest Base Camp Trek


Mount Everest Base Camp, Tibet. Image: Göran Höglund

If you are planning to go on a Tibet Everest Base Camp trek when traveling to Tibet, there are a couple of formalities you have to go through, such as getting a PSB travel permit and a park-entry permit for Qomolangma Nature Preserve that costs around Y400 per vehicle and Y180 per passenger. Continue reading

Trekking for a Good Cause—the Community Eco-Lodge Trek

A view of Annapurna range seen from Mohare Danda(3300m).

A view of Annapurna range seen from Mohare Danda(3300m).

Dr. Mahabir Pun won the Ramon Magsaysay Award in 2007 for Community Leadership. He is famous for his untiring efforts to develop information communication technology in the rural areas of Nepal. Continue reading

Gain a New Perspective, the Numbur Cheese Circuit Trek

Numbur Cheese Circuit Trek

Numburchuli Range

If you are in any way a bit slow on the uptake, and if you seem to be somewhat behind the times, you might be asked, “Are you from Ramechhap?’ Well, it’s not exactly flattering to be famous in this way, but what to do? Such things have come down through the ages and will take some time to be got rid of. Continue reading

How to be a Responsible Trekker

everest waste collection

Collecting waste in Everest Region. Image: Everest Summiteers Association

Trekking is a great way to keep fit and see more of the natural beauty of the world around us, and Nepal is a great country to go trekking in. It can even be said that Nepal is perhaps the best country in the world to do so, having as it does some of the most challenging, interesting, and varied trekking routes found anywhere around the globe. Continue reading

Nepal’s Most Popular Treks

Nepal Trekking

Nepal Trek, adventure of a lifetime. Image: Donald Macauley

Nepal is often touted as a trekker’s paradise. And, this is the truth, and the whole truth, as thousands of trekkers will vouch. Blessed with abundant natural scenery, great ecological diversity and an ancient culture, trekking in Nepal is a wish that many all over the world would like to fulfill at least once in their lifetime. Continue reading

Trekking to Nar Phu Valley

Nar Phu TrekkingAmong the 100 or so ethnic languages of Nepal, there are a handful that are spoken by just a few hundred people. One such language is Nar Phu, or Narpa, spoken by the 800 or so villagers of Nar and Phu villages in the Nar Khola Valley of Manang District, an area whose people are known as Mananges. Continue reading