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One expects destruction and finds silence. In Nepal can bring a spiritual experience every day. Visiting a country that up early not only for the gods.

The fastest, in less than twelve hours with Turkish Airlines via Istanbul to Kathmandu (the end of September from about 850 euros). Alternatively, with Air Berlin / Etihad, via Abu Dhabi in 15.5 hours (from 640 euros).

German is granted a tourist visa upon entry, the fee is $ 40; a passport photograph must be submitted at the airport.

Nepal is a classic destination for study tours, that is how big the demand. For example Studiosus appointments until next year again. Gebeco offers in October a ten-day tour “Nepal to get to know” too. Including flight and tour from 1575 euros.

Information at the travel agency
Individual tours can be booked through Royal Mountain Travel. The local companies also arrange “Family Stays”, but also mediates accommodation from boutique hotel to simple hostel. Internet:
Accommodation with families in different villages can also be effortlessly over the Internet in a non-profit organization under Book:

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