New Year, New Beginning, Pristine Nepal

From the window of 2016, if we have to look back Nepal in 2015, we can see enough ups and downs. Last year Nepal was in the major spotlight for the international media. 7.9 magnitude earthquakes produced enough gravity to attract major international media. But, we as Nepalese can argue that before the earthquake, Nepal was already a major source of inspiration for many travel writers, bloggers, newspapers, and magazines.


From January to mid-April, Nepal had being recognized and voted as one of the best destinations to travel in 2015, including Lonely Planet, Trip-Advisor, National Geographic, and many more.

We all believed last year, it could be a tourism-revolutionary year. From every incoming guest, we were receiving positive feedback from guests who were travelling to Nepal and then worldwide.

April month came with the gloomy weather for all Nepalese. Such strong earthquake was merely our misfortune. We didn’t deserve those calamities, a matter of fact no one deserves such pain of losing dear ones. Those days were literally heart wrecking moments. We were scared, couldn’t sleep in our homes because we could no longer trust our roof, episodes of earthquake made us more nervous and depressed. Sun may only shine after the rain; indeed, April’s earthquake brought us – Nepalese – and World closer than we were ever before. The World was mourning with us, which turned out to be the strength for us, and gradually we came out of gloomy days.

The new trend of tourism started taking its shape in Nepal. Nepal lovers from all around the world are not just travelling Nepal for vacation, but they are travelling for a cause, to support and be part of Nepal as possible as they could. Many campaigns were organized on social media for fundraising, to spread the message that Nepal is Safe. Contrast to what international media had displayed Nepal was completely destroyed, people personally started posting on their personal social media accounts that only 2 out of 35 trekking routes, and only 1 out of 10 Nations Park are affected from the April earthquake. Many hashtags like #NepalNow, #TravelNepalHelpNepal, #NepalisSafe, #TravelNepal, etc were spreading like wild-fire on social media, which helped to take a concrete shape of the tourism industry of Nepal. We will always be thankful for their generous activity.

Big media houses like Trip-Advisor, Lonely Planet, and National Geographic Magazines mentioned Nepal as a best destination to travel, and declared Nepal is Safe to visit. Such wise words have definitely helped the tourism industry of Nepal to regain its previous shape. Famous celebrities like David Beckham and Benedict Cumberbatch traveled to Nepal for their personal reasons, but that also sent message that Nepal is Safe to travel. Adding, Finnish ‪Heavy Metal band, Ancara and sign-language rapper Signmark performed live in the foothills of Mt. Everest spreading message that Nepal is all set for adventure.

Talking about good news in 2015, Nepal welcomed new constitution which was pending since a decade. Multiple promises are made for the foreign investment and the tourism industry of Nepal. Not everyone became happy, of course, dissatisfaction are sources of betterment. People who were not happy came out to the street, protesting. This protest created disturbances on transferring essential supplies, like petroleum, medicine, cooking gas and oils, from India to the other parts of Nepal as most of the protests are ignited only in Southern parts of Nepal – checkpoint between Nepal and India. However, the current government has agreed to make possible changes to meet their needs. In no time, Nepal will be out of from every possible ‘pending’ disturbance.

So, as we are stepping into this newly year, 2016 but looking back to the year old Nepal, we can see lots of struggle and progress. Once there were nil guests in Nepal, but at the end of 2015, Nepal has managed to grasp 20% of tourists that we welcomed in 2014. It is a sign of good luck, honestly. Starting days of 2016 have been already lucky days for Nepal. Rough Guide has nominated Nepal as no.1 destination to travel in 2016 . This is just the beginning, and we are sure we will be successful regaining our touristic crown, once again.

In 2015 Nepal overcome sorrows through the strength of unity, which attributes, in 2016 we may rely on a hope for the better tomorrow, better than ever imagined, and high possibility for Nepal to rise again.

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