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Royal Mountain Travel is well aware of its social responsibilities and has sponsored a number of projects to meet this obligation. We have identifi ed a list of specifi c and worthwhile community projects for rural people in the areas of education and community support programs having both immediate and long term benefits.

Shree Panchakanya Higher Secondary School project, Belkot, Nuwakot

Belkot, a tiny village located north of Kathmandu enroute to the Langtang region, has a secondary school where the building was in a dilapidated condition. It had a leaky roof and was in desperate need of more furniture. This village is relatively isolated and predominantly inhabited by the Tamang ethnic community. We have sponsored this school as a part of our philanthropy program and have provided new furniture and necessary stationery material. We have also refurbished the class rooms and constructed a new building as well as some toilets.

Home stay project
Royal Mountain Travel has helped in strengthening sustainable local economic development in Panauti, Bungamati and Lubhu through home stay programs for visitors. The project has empowered 20 low-income households in these rural areas by giving them the training and materials they need to start and run their own bed and breakfast businesses. Under the home stay project, local households, after suitable training, have improved standards required to host guests and have been successful in raising revenue to not only support their families but also to run handicraft businesses. There has been a marked decrease in rural unemployment in these areas after the commencement of our programs.

Teacher support project

Royal Mountain Travel has supported a skilled teacher for Kokar Singh Primary School at Panglang village development committee close to the Nepal-Tibet Friendship Highway.

Clean drinking water supply project

Some rural areas in the Chitwan and Annapurna trekking regions were found to be lacking in clean drinking water supplies due to the drying up of underground water sources and streams. Untimely rains and lack of funds in the local village development committees had further aggravated the problem, a result of which, the locals as well as private and public organizations were facing a lot of hardship. As a step towards resolving the water crisis, Royal Mountain Travel sponsored the supply of clean drinking water to local primary schools in Chitwan and on the Annapurna trekking route.

Computers for schools

Royal Mountain Travel has provided Garimudi Secondary School with some computers and is working with Rural Assistance Nepal (RAN), a UK charity in promoting help to schools by encouraging its associates. Koningaap & Shoestring, a Dutch travel company has already donated computers to two secondary schools, helped with school furniture at a primary school and has provided books and material for setting up a school library in a small community school in Rukkum, a remote and very poor area in Nepal.

Royal Mountain Travel contributes USD 5 earned from every person booked to run its ‘responsible travel’ related projects.

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