Royal Mountain Travel and its achievements in 2016

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is a success.” A famous quote from Henry Ford proves positive in affiliation to Royal Mountain Travel. Eleven years ago we ventured to the tourism industry of Nepal with a promise to work hard for a better tomorrow and shall execute any barrier, together as a team, that comes in our way. Now standing at the threshold to the another New Year – 2017 – and if we have to take a trip down memory lane of 2016, it makes us proud to acknowledge that we have kissed a number of achievements in 2016. Here, we would like to share some our achievements with you all.

Reconstruction of Bricks Cafe

Among, alike, many premises that couldn’t stand the fierce wrath of the April’s Earthquake in 2015, Bricks Cafe was also one of them. Fortunately, the cafe didn’t have to suffer any, tiny, human casualties, but since the building was almost a century old – many of the sections of the cafe got collapsed. However, by the beginning of 2016 – in January – we reconstructed the wrecked cafe into a new dream, into an another hope.

Traditional Comfort

In 2016, one of our major achievements is inaugurating Royal Mountain Travel’s a long due dream comes true – A Boutique Hotel – Traditional Comfort.
The major motive of Traditional Comfort is to preserve and illustrate the authentic hospitality of Nepalese culture and its traditional values. Hence, in Traditional Comfort, local Newari craftspeople from Patan and Bungamati have hand crafted every detail in the building, from the dark wood carved beams to the bronze fixtures in the lobby, and on the roof, to the decorative tilework in the bathrooms. Furthermore, Traditional Comfort contains many intricate, surprising details for curious guests: angled ankhi-jyaal windows, which cast geometric shadows on the opposite wall, and scenes of local life hand-painted directly onto the walls.

Royal Mountain Travel becomes a complete Eco-Friendly Company

In April Royal Mountain Travel, which was the peak season for the power cuts and load-sheddings, we converted our company into a total eco-friendly company. Lack of electricity and power cuts was leading to a bigger problem to bind us to use diesel generators as an alternate source of energy However, now the capital has no such issues regarding power cuts, but we are still relying on solar energy. For more information, READ HERE.

All of Royal Mountain Travel’s vehicles have a GPS tracking system

In order to receive real-time information about the movements of our vehicle for the safety and security of our guests, we have installed 17 GPS tracking system in our vehicle.

Adding Homestays in Panauti Community Homestay and in Barauli Community Homestay

Royal Mountain Travel is firmly committed to the sustainable tourism. In the beginning, we initiated Panauti Community Homestay with one home and now in the end of 2016 – we have 19 host families working together to achieve a sustainable mode of income in the Panauti.

Alike Panauti, in Barauli Community Homestay – we welcomed three new host families only in 2016. Now we are the family of 15 Homestays in Barauli Community Homestay.

Adding another hotel, Bougainvillea, into the Royal Mountain Travel family

In 2016, we welcomed another hotel into our organization. One of the major tourist destinations in Nepal, Pokhara – we had always dreamt to stabilize our own company. In 2016, we lived that dream.

Royal Mountain Travel collaborates with Travel Social Good

As a part of the walk of our core interest towards sustainable and responsible tourism, we [Royal Mountain Travel] got this golden opportunity to work with a global community of change-makers, Travel+SocialGood. We are the first hub in Nepal for TSG+. For reports, please read here.

Community Hike

On 27th October 2016, TSG+ Hub Kathmandu is introducing, and walking on a new hiking route from Sanga; a small town, but home to the world's tallest statue of Lord Shiva, to the colorful valley – Panauti. This, a day hike event is intended to bring awareness to locals (Tamangs) about the sustainability, the importance of cleanliness – throughout the hiking route, protection of their culture and environment.For reports, please read here.

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