Sustainability Series

This is a ten-episode series consisting of short videos that will explore topics related to sustainable tourism in Nepal. The series will cover the dos and don’ts of sustainable travel and other topics such as community-based tourism and discussions with experts on pertinent sustainability issues.

Sustainability Series Trailer

Episode 1: Promoting Community Tourism In Nepal

In this episode, we discuss community-based tourism (CBT) and the ways in which Community Homestay Network has adopted the concept into its model.

Episode 2: Waste Management In The Everest Region

For many years, international news outlets have covered the waste problem in the Everest region. What hasn’t been covered as much is the solution to the problem. While the problem remains a challenge, there are several initiatives being taken at the local level. In this episode of the Sustainability Series, we ask experts Alton C. Byers (mountaineer/ conservationist/national geographic explorer) and Tommy Gustafsson (Project Director and Co-Founder of Sagarmatha Next) to shed light on the problem, discuss the current status, and more importantly, walk us through the solution to the problem.

Episode 3: Communities, Wildlife and Tourism

This episode of the Sustainability Series features the interrelationship between wildlife, communities, and tourism. Experts and champions of sustainability, Mr. Shiv Raj Bhatta (WWF Nepal), Ms. Sonja Rusticus (Bardia Community Homestay), and Mr. Sudip Jogi (Dalla Community Homestay) shed light on community-based conservation, the human and wildlife relationship near protected areas, and the relationship between tourism and conservation.

Episode 4: Making tourism an empowering sector for women

In this episode of the Sustainability Series, we explore a few places where the gender gap exists, learn about the challenges, and discuss a few ways to close the gender gap. We interview leaders who have excelled in their fields.
Yankila Sherpa: Yankila Sherpa is the former Tourism Minister of Nepal. She has also held various other leadership positions including former President of the Federation of Women Entrepreneurs of Nepal and Trekking Agency Association of Nepal. She is the Managing Director for Snow Leopard Trek.
Priyanka Singh: Priyanka Singh is the regional (South, East and Central Asia) representative for Planeterra Foundation, a leading non-profit that uses community tourism as a tool for poverty alleviation and women’s empowerment. For more information:

Reetal Rana: Reetal Rana is the Managing Director for Mid-Valley International College, a leading college that offers courses in hospitality management, among other degrees. Throughout her career, Ms. Rana has held various leadership positions both inside the education sector and outside. For more information:

Episode 5: Sustainable Hotels

In this episode of the Sustainability Series, we discuss how hotels can be more sustainable. We ask experts from two hotels (the only two hotels in Nepal to receive GSTC recognized Travelife Gold certification in accommodation sustainability) to share their sustainability journey, their views on sustainability certification, and their advice to hotels looking to become more sustainable. Credit for Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge pictures and videos:
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