Know Bhutan


Archery, national sports of Bhutan. Image: flickr/Göran Höglund

Archery is their favorite sport, and it is one of the few sports that the country participates in at international sporting arenas. Thus, it is to be expected that much care goes into the making of the sport’s implements, namely, the bow and the arrow. The sporting bow measures 72.5 cm in length and weighs around half a kilo, and at its broadest part, is 3.5 cm wide. Continue reading

Imprinting Bhutan in Your Mind, the Kurjey Festival

Festival of Bhutan

Kurjey Lhakhang Tsechu. Image: flickr/Anja Disseldorp

Bhutan has a score and more festivals throughout the year. Most of them are religious events known as tsechus, and they are celebrated on the 10th day of a month of the lunar calendar corresponding to Guru Rimpoche’s (Guru Padmasambhava’s) birthday. Continue reading

The Black-Necked Crane Festival, Bhutan

Festival of Bhutan

Black-Necked Crane Festival. Image: flickr/Doug Knuth

You know, it’s hard to stand out in a crowd, especially if the crowd happens to be that of birds, since the species comes in an amazing array of colors, the plumage of one species outshining another’s. Well, the peacock is of course the undisputed leader among all birds in this field, and there are other like the Himalayan pheasants whose richly colored feather are a sight to behold. Continue reading

Small is Beautiful, the Splendors of Bhutan

Paro, Bhutan

Paro Bhutan. Image: flickr/Jean-Marie Hullot

Kathmandu is of course your first destination as you embark on the tour of your lifetime, and you can be assured of having a rich experience indeed. At the same time, Kathmandu serves as a most convenient gateway to some of the most exotic regions in the eastern part of the hemisphere. Continue reading

Nature at its best- Bhutan

This is small kingdom is one of the world’s last remaining Shangri-La’s.  The country has effectively and courageously combated the ill  effects of rampant globalization and today stands at the forefront of nations active in the preservation of nature’s bounties. Yes, Bhutan is bountiful in natural beauty and rich in culture and tradition. It is no doubt, a Shangri-La. Continue reading