In the Land of the Tharus, and into their Homes as Well

Tharu Homestay Chitwan

Tharu women waiting to welcome guests in their homes.

Homestay programs in Nepal are a relatively new phenomenon that has become quite the rage today. Actually, it is the offshoot of the Nepal Tourism Year 2011 (NTY 2011) campaign that can be credited for its rapid growth and popularity. Continue reading

A Home away from home – Home Stay

A homestay is a cultural exchange in which a person visiting or temporarily staying in another country lives with a family in the host country.  There are home stays for short periods (one night or a weekend) and for longer periods.

Nepal Tourism Year 2011 is expected to attract one million foreign tourists. With 669 hotels including all categories and a combined capacity of 26,063 beds, this would mean a shortfall of 822 beds daily. The concept of homestay program is considered to be the best alternative to hotel accommodation in the hospitality industry. It is a unique opportunity based mostly in villages and away from urban towns. Continue reading