From Beni to Jaljala—the Guerilla Trek

On the night of March 20, 2004, In the dead of night, about 6,000 Maoist guerillas descended on the district headquarters of Myagdi district in Dhaulagiri Zone from the surrounding hills. the quiet mountain town of Beni in mid-western Nepal, some distance away from one of the major cities of the country, Pokhara, was rocked by the sound of bombs and gunfire. Continue reading

Trekking Through Rebel Territory—the Guerilla Trek

Maikot Village, Rukum, the guerilla trek./ Image: Alonzo Lyons

These are fast moving times; changes happen overnight. Such has been the case throughout different regions of the world, and such has been the case here in Nepal too. One of the biggest changes to happen was the fall of the 250-year-old Shah monarchy some years ago and the rise of the Maoists to power. Continue reading