The Best of Tibet, Top 10 Must-Visit Places in Tibet

Potala PalacePlanning to travel to Tibet? You might like to know when the best time to visit Tibet is. Well, April to October is the period when Tibet tourism is on a roll, with August and September being the two months when a lot of Tibet tours are planned. Continue reading

The Fascinating Treasures of Tibet

Potala Palace, Tibet

Potala Palace. Image: flickr/Richard IJzermans

The great Mongolian Emperor Kublai Khan wished to honor one his most respected teachers of the past, Chos-rje pa Sakya. So, he ordered his current spiritual teacher, Lama Phags-pa, to build a golden stupa in Lhasa in his honor. Phags-pa was in somewhat of a conundrum. Looking around, he didn’t see any architect good enough to build a stupa that would impress the great emperor. Continue reading