Project Nepal – Be the part of the change, Be the part of the community

On 25th April 2015, the world of ordinary Nepalese changed forever. Following the major earthquakes in the month of April and May, many people have lost – if not everything, but most of their possessions, and livelihoods. There are some villages, which have been completely destroyed, and require sufficient manpower to repair. Continue reading

Small shops, Big lives

tea shop kathmanduNo matter whether you have been to Kathmandu, you are about to visit or you are day-dreaming of visiting looking at photos, one of the first things that you will notice about the city are the countless small shops. Kathmandu is filled with shops. There is literally no alley that is not ornamented with at least one of them. They come in various shapes and sizes. Continue reading

Visit and Witness the Making of “New Nepal”

Nagarkot Nepal Earthquake

Rise in construction, widening roads in Nagarkot.

Things have quickly returned to normal in Kathmandu. This is more than evident from the attendance in offices, the queues for driving license, passport, etc., the usual traffic jams and slowdowns in many places, and most of all, in the large number of school buses plying the streets from dawn to dusk. Continue reading

Nepal, No Stranger to Adversity

Nepal Earthquake Patan

The end of 2013 saw the celebration of the restoration of the Tusha Hiti (the royal bath) in Sundari Chowk of the royal palace in Patan Durbar Square, a world heritage monument zone.  It was a proud moment for Kathmandu Valley Preservation Trust (KVPT) that had restored the site. KPVT has also been responsible for many significant restoration works in Kathmandu Valley. The recent disastrous earthquakes/aftershocks in April and May, this year destroyed many of the valley’s priceless monuments, but apparently, most of those restored by KVPT did not suffer much damage, including Tusha Hiti.

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