Nepal’s Far West and the Karnali Bridge

You have been to Nepal. You have seen the Himalayas, done the Annapurna Circuit trek, seen the sights in and around Kathmandu Valley, and picked up a few new friends along with some souvenirs in Thamel and Durbar Marg.  Fine, you’ve done a lot, collected lots of good memories. Continue reading

An itinerary for a day in Pokhara

taal barahiLet’s say you have one day to spend in the city by the lake in the west of Nepal. You’ll no doubt end up staying longer but here are a few things to priorities from the moment you wake.  First of all you need to get to Pokhara. Book yourself onto a tourist bus through Royal Mountain travel. Continue reading

A Newar Town outside the Valley- Bandipur

On the way to Pokhara on the scenic Prithvi Highway, you will come across a small town called Bimal Bazaar in Tanahun District. A half hour from here will take you to the largest cave in the country, the Siddha Cave, which is also said to be the largest cave in all of South East Asia. This cave is 10 meter wide and more than 750 meter long. Continue reading


An important and fascinating World Heritage Site, made up of three large squares filled with shrines, temples and activity; Bhaktapur is the essential Newari city with some of the finest architecture in Nepal. In its heyday (14th-16th centuries) Bhaktapur was the most powerful of the Kathmandu Valley kingdoms and its capital for 300 years. Continue reading

From Beijing to Kathmandu: The Ultimate Himalayan Adventure

Our journey started on a spring day in May when we took the plane bound for Beijing. A stopover and a couple of naps later, we were there.

Our visit started in Beijing and turned into the ultimate journey possible in this part of the world – a true Himalayan adventure of monasteries, mountains and spiritual discoveries. Continue reading

A Home away from home – Home Stay

A homestay is a cultural exchange in which a person visiting or temporarily staying in another country lives with a family in the host country.  There are home stays for short periods (one night or a weekend) and for longer periods.

Nepal Tourism Year 2011 is expected to attract one million foreign tourists. With 669 hotels including all categories and a combined capacity of 26,063 beds, this would mean a shortfall of 822 beds daily. The concept of homestay program is considered to be the best alternative to hotel accommodation in the hospitality industry. It is a unique opportunity based mostly in villages and away from urban towns. Continue reading