Pedaling around Pokhara

Cycling around Pokhara. Image: Nasir Khan Saikat

Once, not too long ago, rumors flew around about how Pokhara was destined to sink into the ground. It was only a matter of time. The reason for all the rumors was the fact that the city is built on land that has a river flowing beneath it, and that this river (Seti River) has gouged out large chunks of space underground (some as deep as 250 m!), according to some geologists. Continue reading

Pokhara—Igniting Your Spirit of Adventure

Phewa Lake. In the background Annapurna summits. Image:Wolfgang Beyer/Wikipedia

A glowing chapter was added to the history of the Himalayas on May 19, 1975, when Junko Tabei became the first woman ever to reach the top of Mount Everest, the highest place on earth. Many more women have climbed Everest since then; however, Junko Tabei is the name that always comes to the forefront when talking about women and mountaineering. Continue reading

An itinerary for a day in Pokhara

taal barahiLet’s say you have one day to spend in the city by the lake in the west of Nepal. You’ll no doubt end up staying longer but here are a few things to priorities from the moment you wake.  First of all you need to get to Pokhara. Book yourself onto a tourist bus through Royal Mountain travel. Continue reading