Rato Matsyendranath—Watch with Care

This festival, which begins on the first full moon of Baisakh (April/May) every year, may be the longest and most important festival of Patan, however, with several important events (all of a calamitous nature) having been recorded at one time or another during this month-long event, it has become a festival that people keep a sharp eye on as it begins its procession through the ‘City of the Arts’. Continue reading

Rato Matsyendranath—Not Always Standing Up Tall

Chariot of Rato MachhindranathPeople keep a sharp eye on it as the Chariot of Lord Matsyendranath makes its way from Bungamati (where it is constructed) to Jawalakhel. Why such vigilance? Because there is evidence that events of national importance are somehow related to the happenings that occur on its month-long journey (sometimes, longer) through various parts of the valley. Continue reading