Lhabab Duchen, Festival of the Buddha’s Descent from Heaven

Lhabab Duchen is a festival celebrated to observe the descent of Buddha from heaven to earth. That would be his second visit on earth from heaven. First, when he was born and second, when he returned to earth after preaching gods and his mother in heaven. He was exhorted by his followers to return, and it was only possible after long debate.


Like all religions, Buddhism, too, has its share of fantastic tales. Indeed, Lord Gautam Buddha’s birth itself is a miraculous one. His mother, Queen Maya, while on the way to her maternal home, suddenly developed labor pains at Lumbini. She grabbed hold of a tree branch, and even while standing up, delivered a bonny baby boy. This, by itself, was a wondrous event, but what was more amazing was that the infant started to walk straightaway. And, at every spot where he took a step, sprang forth a lotus flower. Continue reading

Tibetan Culture: More Tibetan Festivals

Butter Lamp Festival

Monks light the butter-lamps in the Jokhang Temple in Lhasa during the annual Butter Lamp Festival. Image: Xinhua/Tao Xiyi

So you want to travel to Tibet? Of course you do. After all, Tibet travel is a much sought after desire of many travelers around the world today. There’s not much mystery left in the world, Continue reading