Mustang Tiji Festival

Mustang Tiji FestivalThe Upper Mustang trek is an outstanding USP of Nepal. Every country has certain USPs (unique selling points) that go towards making their country a favored tourism destination, and the Upper Mustang trek of Nepal is definitely one such USP. What makes it so outstanding? Continue reading

Money and Mountains, How Mountain Tourism is Enhancing Lives

EverestHere are some facts about the mountaineering side of Nepal tourism that are real eye openers. A total of 48 mountain climbing expeditions came to Nepal in 1979 and the total royalty earned from them was Rs. 577,000. In 2001, 112 mountain climbing expeditions arrived, from whom the government earned royalties of Rs. 127 million, an increase of over 220% over 1979. Continue reading

Mountain Guides of Nepal

everest guides

Mountain Guide guiding climbers to cross the crevasse in Everest.

Trekking in Nepal is not the only thing adventurous tourists come here for. Many are here for mountain climbing as well since Nepal is certainly the most preferred destination in the world for mountain climbing activities, Continue reading

Trekking to Nar Phu Valley

Nar Phu TrekkingAmong the 100 or so ethnic languages of Nepal, there are a handful that are spoken by just a few hundred people. One such language is Nar Phu, or Narpa, spoken by the 800 or so villagers of Nar and Phu villages in the Nar Khola Valley of Manang District, an area whose people are known as Mananges. Continue reading

From Barahabise to Charikot—In Gauri Shankar Territory

Gauri Shankar Himal (7,134 m). Image: flickr/randomix

West of the popular Rolwaling and Khumbu trekking regions, and east of Kathmandu, is where begins one of the newer trekking areas of Nepal. The trek begins at Barahabise and ends at Charikot of Dolakaha district on the southern slope of the Gauri Shanker Himal (7,134 m). Continue reading