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Community Hike – Sanga to Panauti


Community Hike – Sanga to Panauti

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Trip Overview

Our “Community Hike – Sanga to Panauti” is surely one of the best short hikes around Kathmandu. It takes you to the beautiful terrain situated on the outskirts of Kathmandu. It’s an easy day hike; anyone can pass the trail without difficulties. A well-marked and charming path passes through the thick forest, flattened lands, paddy fields, and ridgelines. Your hiking starts from the Sanga and then ends at the Panauti village. There are two viewpoints, from where you can observe the beautiful town, Banepa, and the mighty Himalayas.

Accessible year-round, this community hike is the perfect chance to witness the two cultures which are entirely distinct from one another. Eventually, you will encounter two small settlements of Tamang indigenous people and have their dialect and culture and are very different from what we see in the people living in the urban areas. Once you reach Panauti Village, a historical ancient Newari city whose traditions and culture are completely different from other settlements. The food, the lifestyle, Jatras, Dhima music, and the town are filled with happy souls whose smiling nature makes you feel like you are in your homeland.

Explore Sanga Village

Sanga Nepal is home to the world’s tallest Shiva statue, Kailashnath Mahadev. It is just an hour part from Kathmandu City. Green lush vegetation, rice fields, and the Himalayas range look impossibly beautiful. Inhabited by the different ethnic groups like Tamang, Chhetri, and Brahmins, one can easily acknowledge the variations in culture and tradition.

Explore Panauti Village

Panauti is a small ancient traditional Newari town just an hour’s drive from Kathmandu. Founded in 1274-1310 Ad, the city is home to temples, culture, and architecture dating from around the 15th century. It is one of the best-preserved Newari settlements in the whole of Nepal.  Lush green fields, gentle hills, rivers, and vibrant surroundings make a heartland perfect for relaxation and calming your mind. Once a thriving commercial town, Panauti features numerous interesting temples and impressive restored Rana mansions. The stupas, stone art, and temples are adorned with beautiful woodcarvings, and metal workers once thrived here.

Note: This is a Join in day trip, if you want to do a private hiking trip, the price is Subject to Change


Trip Highlights of Sanga to Panauti Community Hike

  • Traditional Nepali lunch with a local family in Panauti
  • Your guide will show you safely along trails that few people hike along
  • Hike an easy-moderate 6.2 miles (10 kms) route with hill and mountain views
  • Panauti, a well-preserved Newari town
  • Small settlmenets of indigenous communites of Nepal


Drive from Kathmandu to Sanga. Hike to Panauti.

You will be picked up from the hotel and driven to Sanga, home to one of the tallest Shiva statues in the world. Following a steep ascent for about half an hour the hike mostly flattens out and takes walkers along ridgelines with steep drops below, views of rice fields and farmland, the town of Banepa, and (on clear days) unobstructed views of the Himalayas. The paths are local age-old village trails and the villagers unaccustomed to foreign hikers.

You will be walking through the local path followed mainly by the villagers of this area have always used. As this is the less-traveled hiking path, you will often see the curious and  of the locals.

We will march towards the Panauti village our ending point of the Sanga to Panauti Community hike. You can witness the quiet and lush green Panauti village from the hill filled with ancient temples and paddy fields. Once you reach the Panauti village, the locals will welcome you, offering Tikas and garlands along with the traditional “Newari Dhime Baja.” You will have lunch in Panauti Community Homestay. These community homestays in Nepal are women-run home say to boost one’s economy and empower local women. You can enjoy a wide range of cultural and natural activities, Jatra, and worship ceremonies if you hike to Panauti during the festive season.

This Sanga to Panauti Community hike – a one-day hike in Kathmandu is very easy, but a 10 km walk through the hills and ridges of Nepal certainly feels like exercise.

Later you will be transferred to the hotel in our private vehicle.


  • Hike: Easy to moderate
  • Distance: 6.2 miles (10 kilometres)
  • Duration: 5-6 hours approx.

Services Included

  • Private transportation from Kathmandu to Sanga & from Panauti to Kathmandu,
  • English speaking local hiking guide

Services Excluded

  • Lunch
  • Entrance and monument fees
  • Tips and gratuities
  • Any other services not specified as included
  • Additional expenses which may arise due to circumstances beyond control of Royal Mountain Travel

Impact Footprints

  • Promotion of Newari culture and traditions.
  • Panauti Homestay is run by local women.