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Cooking and Dinner with Local Family in Nepal


Cooking and Dinner with Local Family in Nepal

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Trip Overview

Cooking with the locals and having dinner with the local family in Nepal is one of the best experiences one could get on their Nepal trip. This is the chance to deconstruct the authentic Nepali dishes and understand every bit of ingredients and spices that go into making a scrumptious meal.

With the help of the native host, you will discover the aroma of freshly ground species and unique flavors and also the recipe to prepare the local food of the Nepalese. Within the 4-5 hours of the trip, you will be cooking with the locals in Nepal, and experiencing the traditional lifestyles, customs, and daily chores of the Nepalese.

Cooking with the local family in Nepal is the perfect gift to yourself that you are going to remember forever. It is the perfect shot to impress your friends and family with your cooking skills back home.

Note: This is a Join in day trip, if you want to do a private session the price is Subject to Change. 

Trip Highlights of Cooking with Local Family in Nepal

  • Accompany your host to local market to discover traditional ingredients
  • Cook traditional food using typical Nepali cooking methods.
  • Dine with your host family, sharing the dishes you have prepared together
  • Sharing food culture and deep insight of the living style while cooking with the local family in Nepal

Cooking and Dinner with local Family in Nepal – Itinerary

Transfer to host’s home. Visit nearby market. Cooking experience followed by dinner.

At the scheduled start time, your host family will pick you up from your hotel in the afternoon and accompany you to a local market. You will have a proper insight into the local market “Bazar” and the different ingredients and spices that make our food so unique and tasty. You will also get to know how busy the streets and small vendors over the markets are and how people bargain to get the best deal for things.

Then your host will take you to their home where you will be treated as one of their own. You will be introduced to all the family members of the house. There you will learn about the ethics, rules, and regulations of the house. From greetings to serving food as thanking God, taking off your shoes outside the house, eating with hand, and many more. They will tell you about the traditions and recipes of Nepali cookery, which are mostly used across the country. Get stuck in the kitchen and interact with them. From chopping the ingredients to cooking Nepali Dal, Bhat, and Tarkari in true local style, you will enjoy every moment while cooking with the local family in Nepal.

It is more like sharing a culture where you will talk about your cuisine and your host will share their cuisine. In Nepal, we eat almost 4 or 5 times a day starting with breakfast, brunch, lunch, light snacks in the evening, and finally dinner. You will probably get insight into what we usually eat and our food culture.

Dal Bhat is a traditional meal and the recipe is easy: cut the vegetables and mix them with an assortment of spices (turmeric, cumin, ginger, garlic) so that it’s full of flavor. Once all the dishes are ready to eat, you will sit down at the family dining table and enjoy the taste of your hard work. While going back to the hotel, the host will give you a Lakhamari (sweet traditional snack) or a souvenir. Later, You will be driven back to your hotel the night after dinner.

Services Included

  • Transfers to/from your hotel and the local market
  • Dinner with local family

Services Excluded

  • Anything not specified as included
  • Additional expenses due to circumstances beyond the control of Royal Mountain Travel

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