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Momo Making Workshop in Kirtipur


Momo Making Workshop in Kirtipur

USD 45


Trip Overview

Immerse yourself in the heart of Nepali culinary tradition with the Momo Making Workshop in Kirtipur, a delightful journey into the world of delectable dumplings. This hands-on experience doesn’t just reveal the secrets of Nepalese cuisine; it invites you to forge connections with locals and embrace their culture.

Nestled in the Kathmandu Valley, Kirtipur stands as a treasure trove of Newari culture and heritage. Its cobbled streets wind around ancient temples, preserving centuries-old traditions. With a backdrop of stunning Himalayan views, this town captivates visitors with its historical richness and warm hospitality.

Momo, Nepal’s beloved dumplings, embody the essence of Nepali cuisine. These delicate parcels are meticulously crafted, filled with a blend of savory ingredients, and steamed to perfection. A harmonious mix of spices, fresh herbs, and tender meat or vegetables, momos are not just a dish but a cultural emblem, inviting exploration into the heart of Nepalese flavors.

Note: This is a everyday guarantee departure on join in basis. You can customize the trip on private basis with the price of the experience subject to change.

Highlights of Momo Making Workshop in Kirtipur

  • Dive into Kirtipur’s heritage sites with a warm welcome from a local Newari family, your hosts for this immersive experience.
  • Delve into the art of crafting momos in the inviting ambiance of your host’s Newari residence.
  • As you work side by side in the kitchen, share stories, laughter, and cultural insights, forging meaningful connections with your hosts.
  • The fruits of your labor culminate in a shared meal—warm, handmade momos—treasured gems in Nepalese gastronomy.


Your journey commences with a brief exploration of Kirtipur’s cultural richness guided by your hosts. Together, you’ll venture to the local market, an interactive experience where you’ll handpick fresh ingredients crucial for the momo making workshop ahead.

Once equipped with the finest produce, you’ll retreat to the inviting setting of your host’s Newari home. Here, guided by your hosts, you’ll learn the intricate art of crafting momos. From dough preparation to the meticulous assembly of ingredients and the creation of flavorful fillings, every step is an opportunity to immerse yourself in Nepali culinary tradition.

Beyond the culinary delights, this experience fosters bonds. The kitchen becomes a space for cultural exchange, a place to share not just culinary skills but also personal stories and laughter. Finally, savor the culmination of your efforts as you enjoy the warm, freshly made momos, a symbol of Kirtipur’s hospitality and culinary legacy.

Indulge in this immersive journey that transcends mere cooking—it’s a cultural exchange leaving you with cherished memories of Nepali hospitality, traditions, and the flavors of Kirtipur.

  • Activity Duration: 3-4 Hours Approx.
  • Meals Included: Nepali Lunch and Momos
  • Start Time: 11 AM

Services Included

  • Transportation as per group size
  • Lunch in Kritipur Community Homestay
  • Momo Making workshop
  • Tour of Kritipur with a Local Guide
  • Entrance Fee of Kritipur

Services Excluded

  • Tips and gratuities
  • Any other services not specified as included
  • Additional expenses which may arise due to circumstances beyond control of Royal Mountain Travel

Impact Footprints

  • Promotion of Newari culture and traditions.
  • Support the Woman’s of Kritipur Community Homestay is run by local women.
  • Contribute in the Preservation of the Old Heritage town of Kritipur.