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Repousse Art Workshop – A Traditional Newari Art Form


Repousse Art Workshop – A Traditional Newari Art Form


Trip Overview : Repousse Art Workshop – A Traditional Newari Art Form

Our “Repousse Art Workshop” will introduce you to a traditional Newari art form. The word is derived from the French word pousser, meaning “to push forward.” Its an ancient technique, which has been used extensively throughout the history of metalworking, achieved widespread popularity in Europe during the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries.

Repoussé is a method of decorating metals in which parts of the design are raised in relief from the back or the inside of the article by means of hammers and punches; definition and detail can then be added from the front by chasing or engraving. It is called Tho: Jyaa – Maa: jya in Newari language.

Note: Maximum 5  people can participate in one workshop. 

Highlights of Repousse Art Workshop

  • Introduction to traditional Newari repousse art.
  • Learn the craft from the artisans.
  • Immerse in the authentic culture of Newar community with their art and culture
  • Explore the local lifestyle and tradition.
  • Explore the alleys and surroundings of Patan Durbar Square


Today you will learn about the traditional method of metal art form through Repousse.

You will arrive in Patan, the city where medieval arts and architecture still remain in its original state. Also known as the city of fine arts, is well-known for its plethora of talented artists, including sculptors, painters and carvers. Upon arrival at the workshop, the artisans will traditionally welcome you, who will familiarize you with your activity for the day and its historical significance. This will give you an insight into the culture and lifestyle of the locals. 

After a brief introduction and its history, and significance, you will be guided by the artisan who has dedicated a long time to the art through generations, he will guide you through the making process with demonstrations and techniques.

After the 3 to 4 hours workshop, you will realize and appreciate the dedication and hard work put through to create a masterpiece! You will be served a delicious Newari lunch after a well-deserved work. After you are done, you can take home the piece that you have created by yourself.

Later you will be visiting around Patan Durbar Square to explore the narrow historic alleys with an experienced guide. You will be fascinated by the richness of medieval art and architecture.

  • Product: Gulpaa (Alms Bowl)/ Paala
  • Workshop Duration: 3 to 4 hours

Services Included

  • Necessary Transportation.
  • Well guided traditional repousse art class with the local artisans
  • Materials cost used for the craft (Copper plate and tools)
  • A traditional Newari lunch
  • Patan Sightseeing Tour with English speaking guide
  • Patan Entrance Fees

Services Excluded

  • Tips and gratuities
  • Other additional expenses
  • Expenses arising from unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of Royal Mountain Travel