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Mealtimes are a vital part of every tour and trek. Healthy and hygienic food is our utmost priority. While in big cities and towns there are plenty of restaurants serving all types of food, from local to multinational cuisine. You will have ample choice where to eat, depending on your budget and requirements.

While trekking, your choice is more limited. Generally, trekkers are required to have dinner and breakfast at the same lodge where they sleep. Dining in different lodges is not allowed. Restaurants in the lodges are very simple and have limited menus. They generally serve Nepali cuisine, with some additional dishes like fried rice, chowmein, spaghetti and noodle soup.

Your trekking guide will inform you of your lunch time and place. He may suggest you some specialities of the place you are staying. The quality of meals may not be of the quality you may find in big cities, but they will be delicious and hygienically prepared.