Traveling with a child? Now it’s Easier with Royal Mountain Travel

By Royal Mountain Travel May 16, 2022


Taking care of a child or infants can be very challenging for every parent while traveling. It is even more difficult if the parents are adventure lovers. Traveling off road with a child can increase the risk of minor injuries and accidents, during long and shorts drives it becomes hard to control a child and their curiosity which can create a big question mark on the child’s safety. It is always hard for parents to continuously carry their child in their laps while traveling.

baby safety seat for Royal Mountain Travel vehicle

As children are weaker compared to adults and are not capable of looking after their own safety, parents are bound to spend much of their time looking after their children. Continually having to watch over a child will then minimize their own travel satisfaction. Though parents traveling with a child cannot put their total heart into the journey and enjoy it to the fullest, this is now going to change with Royal Mountain Travel. The company is going to help minimize the discomfort of traveling with a child by a simple solution of installing baby safety seats in its vehicles. Road safety does not always have the highest priority in Nepal and seat belts are not something everyone fully understands yet.

baby seat for RMT vehicle

However to provide a better travel experience for parents as well as their children, Royal Mountain Travel has come up with the idea of installing baby safety seats in its vehicles. The main reason behind this is to provide much better child safety during the trip.

Now, families with children can safely travel to destinations in a range of Royal Mountain Travels cars, SUV and Hiace vehicles.


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