Can I travel Nepal in Low Season?

Royal Mountain Travel April 29, 2022

Ghachowk Pokhara in Monsoon

Did you know, you can travel to Nepal throughout the year? 

We could see tons of queries on Google stating when the best time to go to Nepal really was. 

The foremost answer you get is Autumn (September- November) and spring (March-May). But in actuality, people can travel to Nepal all year round! 

Although it’s a dream to be surrounded by the Himalayas under the clear skies and pleasant weather, traveling to Nepal during the low season has its perks. 

Mardi Himal Trek in Monsoon

Mardi Himal Trek in Monsoon 

Low Seasons in Nepal

The monsoon season (June to August) and the winter season (December to February) are the two low tourism seasons in Nepal. 

But regardless, it is actually a good time to visit, owing to summer breaks and the holiday season.

Annapurna Base Camp

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Downside of Peak Tourist Season in Nepal

While traveling during peak season might give you the security of good weather, it also comes with a few downsides: 

  1. The cost. Peak season means that hotels and restaurants tend to be more expensive.
  2. Crowded trails. Destinations and routes are more like to be filled with other travelers.
  3. Packed hotel rooms. More visitors mean fewer options for accommodation. 
Annapurna Sanctuary

Annapurna Sanctuary

Benefits of travelling Nepal during Low Season

Here we have listed down some of the benefits of traveling Nepal during off season. 

Lower Price

In terms of price and cost, Nepal is very reasonable and tourist-friendly. But it gets cheaper and travels friendly during low season. 

The flight, hotel, food, travel, and trek packages are cheaper giving you more bang for your buck

Mt. Macchapuchre from Mardi Himal Base Camp

Mt. Macchapuchre from Mardi Himal Base Camp 

Fewer Crowds

One of the biggest perks of traveling during the low season. The density of the tourists will be fewer enabling you to enjoy trails on your own. 

You do not have to queue up to witness the unobstructed view of the Himalayas. I had been to Ghorepani during March, the peak season in Nepal. The trail was packed with people even when we reached Poonhill at 4 am.

Lwang Ghalel Pokhara

Lwang Ghalel, Pokhara

Accommodation Facility

Apart from food and trials, you will get ample hotel and rooms to choose from. Unlike the peak season, during which cases of guests sleeping in the common room are not unheard of. 

Annapunra South, Mardi Himal

Annapunra South from Mardi Himal High Camp

Summer Trekking

Everybody says that monsoon season is bad for the trek. But there is indeed a bright side to the downpours. 

Usually, it does not rain all day and the post-rainfall landscape is also something that you rarely witness in peak season. The clean environment, greenery, unobstructed view of the Himalayas, and the jungle are very vibrant. 

Likewise, one of the most popular trek destinations of Nepal, Annapurna Region lies within the rain shadow, so it receives less to no rainfall. 


Kagbeni, Mustang Region in Monsoon

Festivals and more Festivals in Nepal

Most of the happening and popular festivals of Nepal fall under the low season of Nepal.

Nepal is home to the living goddess of Nepal, Kumari and the festivals celebrated here are unlike those in other parts of the world. You can see the mythical Bisket Jatra, Seto Machhindranath, Rato Macchindranath, Indra Jatra, and many more.

Rato Macchindranath Jatra

Rato Macchindranath Jatra, Lalitpur Nepal

Winter Trek-Jungle Safari

The two most popular National Parks for Jungle Safari, Chitwan National Park and Bardiya National Park lie in the Terai region of Nepal. During other seasons besides winter, the weather is hot making it a bit tough to stroll around on a sunny day. But in winter, the weather is moderate and pleasant making it the best time for Jungle Safari in Nepal.

Chitwan National Park is home to rhinoceros and more than 600 animals and birds. Likewise, Bardiya National Park is home to the royal Bengal tiger. Both of these National Parks in Nepal are worth visiting for wildlife watching

Wildlife in Bardiya

Bardiya National Park 

What Impact you can make when traveling Nepal in Low season?

Traveling in Nepal in the low season is not just about roaming freely but also impacting the life of locals. 

Since most of the trek destinations lie in the rural part of Nepal whose income depends upon tourism and animal husbandry, it is hard for them to survive the half-year of low seasons. So, when you travel and spend money over there you are also enriching the lives of the local people. 

Moreover, you can also help by choosing local guides who give you an insight into the daily lives of these communities. You will get the opportunity to talk with the local people and participate in local activities such as cooking, crafting, visiting farmlands, storytelling, and many more. 

This is essential to create a future-proof tourism industry capable of sustaining local culture and nature for future generations.


Foreigner engaging with locals

Monsoon Madness

Being an agricultural country, Monsoon is the main season for rice plantations. Farmers residing on the outskirts of Kathmandu Valley celebrate the rice planting festival on June 22. 

Farmers sing folk songs, dance, play with mud, and feast on local food, especially curd, beaten rice. 

The sunny side of this grey ominous day is that you will get the opportunity to witness a full local celebration. The friendly behavior and welcoming nature of the local people of Nepal make you feel at home. 

Rice Plantation Festival in Nepal

Local women planting rice in rice plantation festival in Nepal



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