How to Take Travel Experiences to the Next Level

By Royal Mountain Travel July 4, 2019

Most travel professionals know the ins and outs of travel, but can they identify what truly makes for an unforgettable experience? While it’s most likely a combination of things, we’ve discovered a core component: a connection to locals.


The natural beauty of our planet can be found all over the world, but the unique culture and traditions of each destination are what makes a place unique. Take the town of Tansen in the Palpa district as an example, the hidden gem is a remarkable stop for travelers. Most who visit stop by to enjoy the sweeping views for a day, but those who end up spending the night with Community Homestay Experience something different – a connection to the destination itself.


As with all our homestays, we’ve found that travelers who take the time to get to know the roots of a community end up with transformative travel experiences because of the time they spent cooking, harvesting rice or participating in cultural festivities with local families. The time invested allows visitors to learn about the history of how a particular place came to be.

Learn to cook the Nepalese Way

In the context of Tansen and the Palpa district, locals welcome guests with traditional dance, folk songs, and Dhaka scarves which are hand-crafted in town. Every morning, home-grown coffee is offered – most don’t realize that the first coffee in Nepal was grown here. Today, there are over 2000 farmers growing coffee and has become one of the districts most important exports. Tansen was even once the capital of Magar kingdom Palpa, a powerful regional principality before the rise of the Shah dynasty. There is so much history in the country of Nepal, the best way to get the story of each region is from the locals themselves. Travelers who just pass through often miss the magic.


The Community Homestay Network began as a corporate social responsibility effort of Royal Mountain Travel. We wanted to give back and invest for sustainable growth in the remote and uncharted areas of our country. We believe that tourism has the power to uplift communities and impact lives for the better. Our concept went above and beyond a proven concept, it’s one that has grown into a company of its own, a company that is built on the foundation of our social and environmental values. Today, Community Homestay does more than support communities, it provides a more authentic way for travelers to experience Nepal and connect with local people.

Barauli Community Homestay

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