Mountains and Monasteries of the Everest Region – Photo Feature

Royal Mountain Travel October 3, 2022

Mt. Everest seen from the Pattale

Royal Mountain Travel presents the astonishing mountains and monasteries of Everest region. 

The team set out for a 6 days trip to the lower Everest Region where we got a chance to visit the Solukhmbu area.

Being home to the mighty Mt. Everest and the super friendly Sherpa, Solu region (lower Everest Region) is also land of monasteries which holds thousands of monks and nuns (Anis).  More than that, there is also Buddhist Education Center that is providing education to the fresher monks. 

To our surprise, all these monasteries are hidden or less explored as more tourist prefer Khumbu region as it where the top most trekking destination of Nepal lies; for example Everest Base Camp, Everest Chola Pass Trek, Everest view trek and many more. 

In order to promote the tourism in the lower Everest region and also to seek the alternate destination of Bhutan, the foothills of Everest  is developed. The monasteries, landscapes and the sherpa people gives you feel of walking around in Tibet or Bhutan.  


Mountains and Monasteries of the Everest Region

Lets explore the medieval monasteries and indigenous Sherpa people that lives in the upper Himalayan region of the Everest region. It is true that camera does not do justice upon the view that we saw in real. But something is better than nothing, we have tried to capture the beauty of lower Everest region. 


Tamur River- View from Okhaldunga 


Praying Flags- this can be seen around Haleshi temple- Maratika cave. The place where two different cultures dilute (Hinduism and Buddhism), who worship their respective God Shiva and Padmasambhava. This cave is where Padmasambhava is said to have attained immortality and also killed the demon


Haleshi Mahadev- Maratika Cave Premise


Mera Peak from Haleshi Mahadev area

Rumjhatar Airport on the way to Solukhumbu

Rumjatar Airport Seen from the Okhaldunga 


Mera Peak and surrounding Himalayas on the way to Solukhumbu region


Pattale village 


Locals in the Salleri Bazar. 

Solu River

Solu River coming from the Mt. Numbur 


Tapting Village, Solu Region 


Dining Hall in lodge in Solu area


Buddhist Inscriptions in a rock. It can be seen on the way to Serlo Monastery from Junbesi Village


Old traditional house that lies in the heart of Junbesi village

Local of Solukhumbu village

Monk Student in Serlo Monastery 


Mt. Numbur (6,958 metres) from Serlo Monastery 


Serlo Monastery, also the Buddhist education center that is providing education to the monks. 


Monk Students in Serlo Monastery 


Junbesi village, this view can be seen while hiking towards the Serlo  Monastery

Entry point of Serlo Monastery

32nd incarnation of Kyabje Trulshik Rinpoche


Thubten Choling Monastery, residence of 32nd incarnation of Kyabje Trulshik Rinpoche

Nuns praying in Thupten Choling Monastery

Nuns (Ani) praying in the Thubten Choling Monastery 

Old Nun (Ani) in Thubten Choling Monastery

Ani (Nun) Praying


Mt. Numbur (6,958 m) left and Mt. Karyolung (6,511 m) right seen from the Phaplu 



Pikey Peak under the Clouds. View from the Chiwong Monastery. Phaplu airport can also be seen settling between two mountains. 


Entry of the Chiwong Monastery 


Ancient Mural in Chiwong Monastery


100 Years old Green Tara painting in Chiwong Monastery


Chiwong monastery premise

Buddhist Deity 

Manjushree- God associated with wisdom in Mahayana Buddhism.


Prayer Wheel- Its is a part of meditation practice. Worshipers spin prayer wheels to earn merit, benefit all living things, and purify their own karma. 

Mt Numbur and Karyolung

Mt. Numbur (6,958 m) 

Mt. Everest from Pattale

Mt Everest (8,848m), far back from Pattale village

Mt. Kyashar and Mt. Makalu

Mt Makalu (8,481 m), the world’s fifth-highest mountain, behind Meera Peak. View from Pattale 


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