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It’s no secret that Nepal is a country famous for its mountain range, the Himalayas. After all, 8 of the world’s tallest peaks lies in Nepal, paving a way for world-class hiking and picturesque treks from the Annapurna Circuit to the Everest Base Camp trek. The country is regarded as the top destination for adventure travelers but Nepal is more than the identity guidebooks give us. It is an ancient country and within the mountain ranges are ornate cities chock-full of tradition, historic temples, spiritual sites and unrivaled natural landscapes full of beauty. Our country holds more than what adventure travelers seek—and now that monsoon season is over, we’ve highlighted some of the best high season experiences for whatever type of traveler you are. 


Nepal is a country rich in culture, give your kids an unforgettable and educational experience by taking your family through historic towns and villages to showcase the diversity this country has to offer. Gain a deeper understanding of local life by staying with families through our Community Homestay programs and have your whole family take part in an authentic cooking lesson. Spot sacred cows wandering the city streets and visit the monkey temple – there are plenty of kid-friendly, fun activities to go around.


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Adrenaline Seekers

Speed through the countryside via motorcycle, go rafting, paragliding or even take on an Everest base camp expedition. The natural landscape offers adrenaline seekers a playground of activities ready to get your blood pumping. If you’re up for a challenge, take on one of the world’s eight tallest peaks and bask in the glory at the top. Our Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek takes you to the world’s third highest mountain to explore the remote border region of Nepal and Tibet in the pristine landscapes.

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The Comfort Traveler

A trip to Nepal doesn’t have to mean treacherous hikes and backpacking. You can opt to spend your days sightseeing in one of the country’s 10 world heritage sites, shopping and relaxing. Enjoy your trip to cities like Patan, a hub for exquisite artwork or Pokhara with a stunning backdrop and the best cashmere shopping around. Take part in yoga sessions with our partners at Pranamaya Yoga Studio and if you’re an avid yogi, you can even take your practice to Neydo Monastery and further your exploration with resident monks in the Kathmandu Valley. Reconnect your mind, body and spirit with our Best of Nepal in Comfort tour package and customize your own level of luxury.


The Safari Enthusiasts

Those looking for wildlife will be thrilled to find out that Nepal is home to the greater one-horned rhinoceros. Once a species that was widespread across the entire northern Indian sub-continent, these rhinos are now segmented into a few national parks. The Alternative Nepal tour package brings you face-to-face with these magnificent creatures on a safari through Chitwan National Park. Other wildlife you might run into include tigers and elephants!


At Royal Mountain Travel, we’re proud to show you what our country has to offer whatever your travel style may be.

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