Two Happy Generations Working With Royal Mountain Travel

By Royal Mountain Travel April 25, 2019


“We are happy here” was the first thing they both said when asked why Royal Mountain Travel?  Chandraman Tamang and Choisyang Tamang, the father son duo from Bhinkhure, Kavrepalanchowk district have been working with Royal Mountain travel since its establishment in 2005. The smiles on their faces were just enough to prove that they were happy.

In order to know the reason behind those happy faces we had a conversation for about an hour. The story of happiness was well worth listening to.
It was around 1983 when Chandraman started working as a trekking guide with his son accompanying him as a porter.  Chandraman says that Shiva Dhakal (now Managing Director of Royal Mountain Travel) was the one who taught them what trekking is all about and introduced them to the world of working in the Himalayas. Both father and son see Shiva Dhakal as their father figure because of the guidance and support he has provided them from the very beginning of their working lives. They say that their relationship with Shiva Dhakal is older than the history of Royal Mountain Travel itself. They started to work with him when he was working at Ganesh Himal, another trekking company. When he thought of starting a business of his own, they accompanied him.

Later in 1998 Choisyang also got his trekking guide licence and started working as a guide. Chandraman served Royal Mountain Travel for a long time and has since retired, but Choisyang is still working with the company and is one of the best in his field.

In conversation with Chandraman and Choisyang they also spoke about their experiences and journey with Royal Mountain Travel.


There are many options in the market and you may get many opportunities so what is that thing which binds you to Royal Mountain Travel?

Chandraman with the same smile on his face proudly said “Our roots are attached to Royal Mountain Travel and leaving our roots would be like killing ourselves. Royal Mountain Travel is home to us and we don’t think of ourselves as employees but as family members. We and Royal Mountain Travel have a common goal that is providing the best services to our customers and to make them happy. That common goal binds us and motivates us to work together. Royal Mountain Travel is also very responsive and helpful in any kind of difficulties during the trek which makes very easy for us to work. Royal Mountain Travel also provided aid in order to rebuild our house which was destroyed by the devastating earthquake of 2015. We are so grateful to Royal Mountain Travel that they value our work and contribute so much not only to our professional lives but also in caring a lot about our personal lives and our difficulties. That is why we feel like we belong here are we are part of this big family.”

How does it feel? Two Generations of Tamang family working with Royal Mountain Travel?

“It feels amazing to work here, the energy in the office is amazing. What surprises me sometimes how Royal Mountain Travel understands two generations, their wants and mentality so easily. Everyone wants to join here, one of my brothers from the same village Bijaya Tamang and many others from our locality are working here along with us. We have not really thought about this generation thing that seriously, actually we just did what our hearts told us which is that this is the best place for us and we should stay. And in respect to this generation thing I think the legacy will continue. I have four children and one of them is interested in trekking, so I am thinking of bringing him to join the Royal Mountain Travel family after he receives his trekking guide license. Deep down in my heart I know that Royal Mountain Travel will be the best place for him. I think my father here, also thought the same while I was working as a porter with him, and this is why we are here today,“ said Choisayang. A proud father Chandraman smiled at his son.

Both father and son were proud of what they have achieved over the years. The vibe of their belongingness to Royal Mountain Travel could be felt in their words and expressions. I thanked them for their precious time and said to myself, “They are happy here.”


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