Nepal set to double tiger population under WWF global plan

Nepal is set to become the first country to double its tiger population as part of the World Wildlife Foundation’s (WWF) “Tx2” programme which aims to double the number of tigers all over the world.

Nepal’s tiger population has risen to 235 from the baseline population of 121 counted in 2009, the WWF said in a statement released to commemorate National Conservation Day.

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Tourist arrivals in Nepal soared by 73.5 percentage in July

Aug 19, 2018-Tourist arrivals to Nepal jumped 73.5 percent in the month of July, largely due to a sharp increase in the number of travelers from countries like India, China, the US and the UK, according to statistics released by Nepal Tourism Board (NTB).

The statistics show that Nepal received a whopping 73,285 international tourists in July—a time of the year that is considered to be an off-season for tourists due to the monsoons. The growth in the numbers has been particularly attributed to Indian pilgrims visiting Kailash Mansarovar in Tibet, via Nepal.

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The Community Homestay Network is awarded with the fund of € 225,000 by

The Community Homestay Network (CHN), a renowned company operating in line with the spirit of Sustainable and Responsible tourism in Nepal , has been selected by – as among top 10 world startups in sustainable tourism for 2018, and has been awarded with the grant of € 225,000 from Booking Booster Program.

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