Community Homestay launches new website


Kathmandu – Community Homestay, a non-profit organization whose major objectives are to protect the culture and to produce career opportunities from the available resources within the community, has launched its new website

This website is an online solution, allows and offers a broad range of lodging preferences – for travelers – to select accommodation facilities from different communities of Nepal, inhabited in various panoramas.

This project is hoped-for a key to, both, community and to the outside world; to entering, exchange and comprehends the magnificent culture and traditional values of each other. This project embraces communities from all three regions of Nepal. Homestays, which are listed on the website, are absolutely owned by the respective community or by the community members. For instance, Panauti Community Homestay is merely managed by the women from the community and Barauli Homestay is operated by the local farmers, villagers, and women of the respective locality.

Services provided by the website are ideal for such holidaymakers who like to explore and appreciate different cultures, languages, lifestyles – simultaneous – like to have fun, meet interesting people from different communities, and return home with all good memories. Homestay in diverse communities from different parts of Nepal will, actually, assist an individual to appreciate the real and rare beauty of natural Nepal.

This website is, also, an appropriate website for those travelers who are traveling in a rush. Such travelers, who do not approve to miss out the best of Nepal and its highlights during their short stay, can visit the website for recommendations, activities around you, booking mountain flights, bungee jumping, rafting, and other adventurous activities.

News Source: RMT

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