Ghalegaun ( Beautiful than ever )

A view of Ghalegaun in Lamjung, on Wednesday, May 1, 2019. Photo: THT

One of the most amazing tourism villages of Nepal “Ghalegaun” also known as Asia’s model tourism village which lies in Kholosothar rural Municipality of Nepal has undergone a beautiful change in its appearance. The old Zinc sheets on the roofs are now all replaced by new red zinc sheets.

Under the plan of developing Ghalegaun as a smart village, the provincial government has provided 2.9 million rupees in order to replace old zinc roofs with brand new red zinc sheets. Similarly, the Municipality also provided 1.5 million for the same Plan.

Now, All 120 houses of the village have changed their roofs to a new red colored roof. As this place is famous for its richness in art, culture, and traditions, Homestay is one of its major attractions. Total of 34 houses provides homestay facilities to the tourists.

Not only the change in roofs But Government is also working to make this place better by repairing the stairs and planting new flowers. With the estimated cost of 10 million to develop the village into a smart village, the government is working to make this place a better destination than ever before.

Located only within 21 km from Besi Sahar, Ghalegaun offers amazing mountain ranges view, unique culture, and best homestay facilities.

Source: The Himalayan Times

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